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PE and RS PUBLIC October 2011 : Page-969

AmericaView: Promoting Remote Sensing Science and Technology Through Cooperative Partnerships by The term “partnership” is nothing new to the U.S. federal administrative lexicon. Indeed, federal agencies have been partnering with a variety of organizations for decades. The idea is simple and the practice can be very effective – by working together, the government and their partners are more effi cient, more responsive to the needs of taxpayers, and achieve a common goal. A great deal can be learned from partnerships, including how to better provide direction; improve local, state, and national services; provide access to data and information; and, provide other important resources in times of tightening budgets and reduced administrative support. This is the story of AmericaView (AV,, a locally controlled and nationally coordinated network of remote sensing scientists and practitioners who work closely with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Land Remote Sensing Program to ensure that the benefi ts of the fed-eral investment in civilian remote sensing are maximized. AV, a 501(c)(3) non-profi t organization, is coordinated at the national level by a part-time staff and board of directors, and operates its programs at the state level through 39 “StateView” partners. Led in each state by an academic institution, each StateView consists of a consortium that can include other academic institutions, local, state and fed-eral agencies, non-profi t orga-nizations, and private sector companies. Although the AV mission has evolved over time from a strong focus on public domain data archiving and ac-cess to the current emphasis on remote sensing education, data utilization, and applied research, the overarching goals remain essentially unchanged. AmericaView eliminates barriers to data access and utilization through a cooperative network of scientists and practitioners by providing remotely sensed data and the requisite knowledge to partners within their state and throughout the broader AV consortium. continued on page 970 Rick Landenberger, Mark Patterson, Ramesh Sivanpillai, and Rick Lawrence Membership map of AmericaV-iew in 2011. The dark blue states are Full members and receive annual funding. Utah is an As-sociate member with voting rights but no annual funding. The Light blue states are Affi liates and have neither annual funding nor voting rights. Affi liates are able to move into Associate status after one year, subject to a vote by the As-sociate and Full members. Photogrammetric engineering & remote SenSing Oct ober Jul y 2011 969

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