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Facilitator April/May 2014 : Page 67

Preventative Services • Predictive service programs for reduced downtime • Better environment and conditions: How do you manage your buildings? • Improved system reliability: Are your operating costs out of control? Energy Services • Energy reduction programs: Are you maximizing efficiency? • “Best Practices” programs designed for energy savings • Energy benchmarking analysis: Do you know your annual cost per unit? Emergency Services • 24/7 Emergency Service: Immediate response from experienced Account Managers • Qualified service fleet: Is your provider your vendor or a partner? • Integrated technology: Electronic work orders and timely, accurate billing Asset Management Services • Asset protection program: Real-time data on failures and spend • Reduced capital expenditures: Replace or rebuild? Let us perform an analysis • Accurate budget forecasting: Understanding your true spend Ferrandino & Son, Inc. The National Leader in HVAC, Exterior Maintenance, Facility Services, Lighting and Electrical Services, Painting, and General Contracting 866-571-4609

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