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The College Store July/August 2016 : Tip 1

JULY | AUGUST 2016 The Official Publication Of The National Association Of College Stores ” “NO-BRAINERS 5 TOP for Fall ® Rush 1 List QuickStudy online with the textbook. PLEASE HIDE THIS MAGENTA LAYER (45% increase in QuickStudy OR DELETE IT BEFORE CREATING A when listing with textbook.) HIGH RESOLUTION PDF FOR FINAL to Want to FILE SUBMISSION. Every Textbook Sold? ® sales 2 ADD $5+ Use Shelf Talkers/ Risers and merchandise ® QuickStudy with the textbooks. Do Steps 1 & 2! 3 Extra display at checkout for students to peruse and buy while waiting. T-shirts! FREE 4 5 .com www.quickstudypromise Have your store take part in ® our QuickStudy contest —FREE T-shirts for employees! APPROXIMATE POSITION OF MAILING LABEL Please note that this can shift during application and is only an approximation of where the label will fall. Please keep important information clear of this area. Better Grades Guaranteed for your students! Check out our latest titles 1-800-226-7799 • • 6000 Park of Commerce Blvd., Suite D • Boca Raton, FL 33487 • Socialize with us : • • • •

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