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Tribology and Lubrication Technology November 2016 : Cover

TLT TRIBOL OGY & L UBRICA TION TECHNOL OGY SYSTEMS, STRATEGIES & RESEARCH FOR LUBRICATION PROFESSIONALS AN PUBLICATION | NOVEMBER 2016 30 questions to ask a potential employer • Varnish-prevention strategies The Tribology of Things • Plus STLE’s Capitol Hill resolution 13 YEARS of publishing excellence 14th Annual CMF PLUS The industry’s most innovative companies recap key presentations from STLE’s 2016 Commercial Marketing Forum. AFTON CHEMICAL CORP. EXXONMOBIL CHEMICAL CRODA, INC. THE LUBRIZOL CORP. NOVITAS EVONIK OIL ADDITIVES OIL FILTRATION SYSTEMS Digital TLT: Sponsored this month by STLE’s 2016 Tribology Frontiers Conference at

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