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Tribology and Lubrication Technology Lubrication Fundamentals December 2013 : Page 2

FROM THE EDITOR Evan Zabawski Lubrication Fundamentals: A TLT special section Regardless of where you are now in your career, all of us who earn a living through tribology or lubrication engi-neering started in the same place. With the basics. If it’s true that you can’t run until you can walk, then neither can you make decisions about lubricants with-out knowing what viscosity means. Education has always been one of STLE’s primary missions, and while the delivery methods have changed since 1944 when the society was founded, our commitment to techni-cal training has never been stronger. Each year hundreds of STLE mem-bers help educate their peers by writ-ing papers, teaching courses at the an-nual meeting, conducting seminars and making presentations at local sec-tion meetings. While this truly is a win-win sce-nario for all involved, coordinating all those activities is a Herculean task. For a decade now, the job has rested squarely on the shoulders of Dr. Rob-ert M. Gresham, STLE’s director of professional development and the au-thor of this special section on lubrica-tion fundamentals. If you’ve been an STLE member for even a few years, you’ve probably ei-ther met Bob or benefited from his ef-forts. If you’ve been fortunate to spend time with him, you know Bob is an intelligent, focused individual with a lively sense of humor and a deep com-mitment to helping STLE members de-2 Bob Gresham spent 20 years as an STLE member before joining the society’s headquarters staff in 1988. velop their professional skills. While Bob has a hand in almost ev-ery area of member service, certainly his most visible role is writing TLT’s monthly Lubrication Fundamentals column. Since Bob is the modest type, please allow me a moment to tell you a little more about the man behind the keyboard. After receiving his doctorate in or-ganic chemistry from Emory Univer-sity in Atlanta, Bob spent 12 years in several manufacturing and customer service positions with the DuPont Co. He gained an additional 17 years of in-dustry experience as vice president of technology with E/M Corp., a manu-facturer and applicator of solid film lubricants. TRIBOL OG Y & L UBRIC A TION TE CHNOL OG Y Before joining the STLE headquar-ters staff in 1998, Bob was a 20-year member where, among his many vol-unteer activities, he chaired the Solid Lubricants Technical Committee and Aerospace Industry Council. He gained an understanding of the soci-ety’s governance structure as a board member, where he served as treasurer and secretary. Bob’s columns on Lubrication Fun-damentals have been an integral part of TLT since the magazine was launched in 2003. For this special sec-tion, we’ve pulled 10 essays that span a fairly broad range of topics. In addi-tion, be sure to check out the first is-sue of our new Lubrication Funda-mentals technical e-newsletter for additional topic articles (available at ). Even though I’ve logged a few years of experience in this field myself, I re-ally enjoyed and benefited from re-reading these articles. Whether you’re an industry novice or a veteran, I be-lieve you’ll have the same experience. Bob writes with style that is both infor-mative and engaging. Let the education begin. Evan Zabawski, CLS, is a reliability specialist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You can reach him at evan. WWW .S TLE. OR G

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