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Tribology and Lubrication Technology November 2013 : Page 32

and metathesis-processed oils can be made from renewable basestocks, in-cluding vegetable oils, but offer uni-formity and consistency that is similar to petroleum base oils. This means that the odds of biobased lubricants and greases becoming commonly used in all fields will increase dramatically.” Havelka concludes, “Looking for-ward, we expect requirements will be-come ever more stringent for low-temperature flow and wear protection. It is difficult to balance low-tempera-ture flow while maintaining film strength and thickness at higher op-erating temperatures. Our new gen-eration biobased chemistry enables more diverse functionality tailored to offer new solution and surface perfor-mance. This more diverse set of op-tions gives biobased lubricant formu-lators more tools to tailor material characteristics, such as traction coef-ficient and viscosity index, to specific problems.” ALL THINGS METATHESIS Everything anyone would ever want to know about metathesis is at the All Things Metathesis blog: . The blog is a resource for olefin metathesis and provides a setting for metathesis users to brainstorm. From the blog site, visitors can register for the All Things Metathesis RSS feed and subscribe to All Things Metathesis emails. The blog was developed by Pasadena, Calif.-based Materia, Inc., to establish a resource on olefin metathesis and a forum for the growing number of metathesis enthusiasts. Primary contributor Andy Nickel says he became interested in metathesis after he skipped band practice one day to attend a graduate-student literature semi-nar called, “Ruthenium-Catalyzed Olefin Metathesis.” He went on to earn his doctorate in natural product synthesis from Yale University in 2005. After working as a medicinal chemist for three years, he joined Materia in the summer of 2008. Honary adds, “If those working with this technology can deliver con-sistent products at a cost that is close to that of high-oleic vegetable oils, then, in my view, they have a clear path to success. There will be a solid market for tailor-made renewable base oils that can meet the extreme perfor-mance conditions of industrial and au-tomotive lubes and greases. Metathesis could possibly deliver that.” Jeanna Van Rensselar heads her own communications firm, Smart PR Communications, in Naperville, Ill. You can reach her at 32 Giant flames, known as prominences, erupt from the sun’s chromosphere. Some of these eruptions are bigger than the Earth.

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