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Tribology and Lubrication Technology July 2013 : Page 22

STLE 2013 Annual Meeting Award Recipients S TLE ANNU AL MEETING HIGHLIGHT S P.M. KU MERITORIOUS AWARD Dr. George Staniewski, Ontario Power Generation The following STLE awards were given in recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of tribology and lubrication. AL SONNTAG AWARD Samuel Beckford, University of Arkansas, Dr. Y.A. Wang, Ocean Nano Tech & Dr. Min Zou, University of Arkansas (Wear-Resistant PTFE/Si0 2 Nanoparticle Composite Films) CAPTAIN ALFRED E. HUNT AWARD Hassan Eid, Dr. George Adams, Dr. Nick McGruer, Northeastern University, Dr. Andrea Fortini, Universitat Bayreuth, Dr. Sergey Buldyrev, Yeshive University & Dr. David Srolovitz, Institute of High Performance Computing (A Combined Molecular Dynamic and Finite Element Analysis of Contact and Adhesion of a Rough Sphere and a Flat Surface) EDMOND E. BISSON AWARD Dr. Guillermo E. Morales-Espejel & Antonio Gabelli, SKF Engineering & Research Centre B.V. (The Behavior of Indentation Marks in Rolling-Sliding Elastohydrodynamically Lubricated Contacts) FRANK P. BUSSICK AWARD Pieter Baart, SKF Engineering and Research Centre B.V., Torbjorn Green, Jinxia Li, Dr. T.S. Lundstrom, Dr. Lars Westerberg, Dr. Erik Hoglung, Lulea University of Technology & Dr. Pieter Lugt, SKF Engineering and Research Centre B.V. (The Influence Speed, Grease Type and Temperature on Radial Contaminants Particle Migration in a Double Restriction Seal) WALTER D. HODSON AWARD Dr. Frank E. Horvat, Duramax Marine (Comparative Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Flow and Pressure Fields Inside Deep and Shallow Pockets for a Hydrostatic Bearing) WILBUR DEUTSCH MEMORIAL AWARD Dr. Brian Vlcek, Georgia Southern University & Dr. Erwin Zaretsky, NASA Glenn Research Center (Rolling-Element Fatigue Testing and Data Analysis – A Tutorial) 22 • JUL Y 2 013 TRIBOL OG Y & L UBRIC A TION TE CHNOL OG Y VIC JOLL AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING STLE SECTION MEMBER Rita Mickle (Chicago Section) STLE INTERNATIONAL AWARD Drs. Jianbin Luo, Tsinghua University, & Frank Talke, University of California-San Diego SCHOLARSHIP AWARD RECIPIENTS RICHARD E. BOOSER SCHOLARSHIP Anthony Chyr The University of Utah Hannah Neuffer Auburn University ELMER E. KLAUS FELLOWSHIP James Hilbert University of Pennsylvania WWW .S TLE. OR G

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