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imprint Bridging the gap between research and classroom practice Featuring eight K–12 titles in three strands:  t"EPMFTDFOU-JUFSBDZ  t-JUFSBDZ"TTFTTNFOU t8SJUJOHJO5PEBZT$MBTTSPPNT “As a former high school teacher, I remember the frustration I felt when the gap between research and my own practice seemed too wide to cross. The books in this imprint are designed to help teachers bridge that gap and discover how good teaching is connected to strong research.” —Cathy Fleischer, Principles in Practice Imprint Editor Cathy Fleischer is a Professor of English at Eastern Michigan University and has been a member of NCTE since she started graduate school in 1985. She’s the co-director of the Eastern Michigan Writing Project, a member of the CEE Executive Committee, and author of numerous books and articles on teacher research and teacher empowerment.

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