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Creativity Leads Way In Innovation Alley

INNOVATION ALLEY is bustling with creative product offerings, enthusiastic vendors and interested buyers. Popcorn and nut brittles reign supreme, with four of the 10 exhibitors offering goods from those product categories. This dedicated space for new companies is located along the back wall of the show floor.

Booth 1491A — Paradox Baked Goods, LLC is offering healthy, all-natural Oxidotes cookies, said to be high in Omega 3s, antioxidants and fiber. They are available in cinnamon and chocolate flavors and are claimed to help slow digestion to prevent blood sugar spikes. Company founder Carolyn Adamich says: “I’d like to get them into school lunch programs and even into senior citizen markets as healthy alternatives.” Oxidotes come in 1.2-ounce two-cookie packs with a SRP of $2.75.

Booth 1491B — Nashville Toffee Co. specializes in all-natural almond toffee developed in co-founder Christina McCoy Cohn’s kitchen. Co-founder George Cohn says he hopes to gain exposure and network with specialty food stores at the EXPO. The toffee is offered in milk and dark varieties, and packs in 1.7-ounce bags and assorted boxes and tins. They have a SRP of $3.49.

Booth 1491C — Gourmet Popcorn Creations is a family-owned and operated company offering more than 70 flavors of popcorn. Based in New Jersey, the company began as a kitchen project, and currently is marketing through a website and distributor. Its popcorn packs in five and 12-ounce bags with a SRP range of $3.95 to $12.95.

Booth 1491D — Sugar Plum Chocolates specializes in “selling innovation and chocolate,” according to Innovation Manager Neil Edley. The company began 16 years ago, but has ventured into more innovative products since Creative Director Chris Wagner joined the team. Ch’up Cakes, one of its signature products, look like cupcakes, but are filled with solid Belgian chocolate. They have a SRP of about $6. Also available are Purely vegan 2.5-ounce chocolate bars.

Booth 1491E — Cornelia Confections offers nut brittles with unusual flavor twists, such as pecan chipotle and coconut ginger. Jamaican-born company founder Cornelia Parchment-Horn says she tried to incorporate flavors from her country to modernize standard peanut brittle. It is offered in three- and six-ounce packs, with SRP ranges of $3.50 to $5.50 and $5.99 to $7.99, respectively.

Booth 1491F — Too Haute Cowgirls handcrafts chocolate popcorn and caramel corn. The company, launched in September 2009, offers 10 cleverly named varieties, but its biggest seller is Fistful of Fleur de Sel, a dark chocolate-covered caramel corn topped with toffee and fleur de sel. The popcorn is offered in bags, with a SRP range of $5.95 to $18.95.

Booth 1491G — Benita’s Peanut Brittle is a California-based gourmet peanut brittle company. Benita Bodnar, the company’s founder, has been making peanut brittle for 20 years and turned her passion into a business seven years ago. Bodnar explains: “Mine is a soft brittle, which is different from most on the market that are hard and stick to your teeth.” The brittle is packed in quarter-, half-, one- and two-pound boxes, with SRPs of $6.25, $12.50, $25 and $50, respectively.

Booth 1491H — The Organic Candy Factory makes gelatin-free, organic gummies. Piper Cochrane wanted to please her daughter and develop a natural treat using only organic ingredients. The company offers gummi cubs, hearts, worms and fruit slices, as well as jelly beans. The gummies come in eight- and 16-ounce packs with SRPs of $7.99 and $12.99, respectively.

Booth 1491I — The Eatwhatever breath mint line, produced by Jacquii, LLC, uses a two-step process that works in the stomach and the mouth to keep breath fresh for five or six hours, it claims. An organic oil gel cap works from within, while a sugarfree mint immediately freshens breath. The company hopes to find new customers and expand into drug stores during the EXPO. Three-ounce packs have a SRP of around $4.

Booth 1491J — Wonder Food Co.’s Coco Keeno line of specialty chocolates offers 12 varieties of fair trade, organic cocoa combined with unique superfoods, such as mango, pineapple and quinoa. The California-based company is gearing its product toward foodies looking for new items. The two-ounce boxes are offered in 12-, 15- and 48-ct displays. An individual two-ounce box has a SRP of around $5.